Best of 2017 Wedding Photos!

Happy New Year!! So grateful to have documented 47 weddings this past year and met some of the most amazing loving and inspiring couples! 2017 started with photographing my first official lesbian wedding in a snowstorm in Brooklyn! I shot lots and lots of rainy weddings and can officially say that rain is beautiful and everyone should embrace it. I did my first road trip from San Francisco to Seattle and Pacific North West is forever in my heart! I fell into a fountain pool in the middle of family portraits at a wedding and luckily I had a spare pair of pants that I miraculously decided to bring with me that day. It was also hopefully funny for Megan and Doug and surprisingly not as embarrassing as I thought it would be:) I photographed 2 Greek and 2 Indian weddings and I am inspired by all the different cultures and traditions and thankful for these couples for trusting my style and vision. I photographed the most relaxed and gorgeous back yard wedding of 2 soul mates from Canada. I am truly in awe of their connection and how effortless their day turned out although it was full of so many beautiful personal touches! I photographed a very special wedding in Maine and got to enjoy the nature and many many lobsters on our road trip there. I also sprained my ankle on a Maine mountain and it messed with me for the rest of the year and yet I shot weddings almost every weekend after the incident for about 3 months non stop. I welcomed couples from Canada, England, Scotland, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Ireland! I volunteered for Magic Hour foundation and photographed a Brooklyn family who is about to loose a loving father to cancer. Photography is the best gift I can give to anyone! 

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