My name is Elvira (eh l - v ee - r ah) and I love photographing people in love. 

  • I was born in Estonia and now live in Brooklyn with my husband Vlad and our cat Luna. 


  • I WORK HARD but it doesn’t feel like work.

  • You might find me on the dance floor at the end of the night! I am a pro at dancing and shooting at the same time;)

  • I edit your wedding photos with a cup of tea and my cat Luna purring next to me.

  • I RESPECT NATURE! The beautiful albums you get are made with eco materials and I am proud to annually donate to Environmental Defense Fund. You can regularly find me in the mountains or other natural preserves because nature is my chapel. 

  • I HUNT FOR MOMENTS! I am all about documenting honest/fun/crazy/subtle/in-between moments because they tell a real story of your wedding day.

  • I MAKE YOU LOOK AMAZING AND YOU DESERVE IT! 10% of the day I spend looking for the best light and cool locations to create magazine worthy portraits of you two. No cheesy poses, just capturing your beauty and love artfully and with style.

  • I love my couples and I care so much about giving you the best photos ever! Seriously, ONLY THE BEST because it is important to you and to me!

  • LIFE IS AN ADVENTURE and I am grateful every day for being able to capture so many unique stories about love and life!